Crompton Greaves



  • EMOTRON VSS is a multipurpose AC drive, packed with features to meet application requirements.
  • VSS is a cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use drive for the single phase supply system in a challenging industrial environment.
  • VSS series meets users’ needs and runs a variety of applications such as packaging, wood working, pumps, blowers, mixers and other machinery.
  • Application : Pumps, Fans, Conveyors, Machinery,


  • Emotron VSB not only saves energy, but it’s also easy to operate, making it a quick fix for commissioning.
  • VSB is a cost-effective, safe, and energy efficient solution for the demanding industrial environment.
  • VSB drives offer a high level of reliability & productivity for process owners and is suitable for applications such as fans, pumps, blowers, compressors, etc.
  • Available in IP20, within the 0.75 -3.7kW range, 3ph 380-480V.
  • Application : Suitable for standard applications, Fan, Pumps.


  • As standard Emotron VSX is having coated board and has been designed to withstand 50°C ambient temperature making it suitable for withstand harsh industrial environments.
  • Emotron VSX ensures safe and cost efficient operation of your demanding process applications.
  • VSX is available in power ratings of 0.75kW to 22kW for three phase, 380V – 415V (± 20%) in IP20 design
  • Application : Pump, Fan, Compressor, Conveyor, Crane, Extruder


  • Emotron VFX is available in IP20/21and IP54 versions. The robust steel construction in IP54 version means that you can install your AC drive close to the application, which saves the cost of cabinets and long motor cables.
  • The 300-1,500 A units (IP20 modules) is also available in compact CG-designed IP54 cabinets. IP20/21 series 25-365 A are optimized for mounting in control cabinets (IP20) or on electrical room wall (IP21).
  • Robust and compact design, easy access to power terminals. Extended temperature range up to 55 °C.
  • Application : Variable / constant torque- Cranes, crushers, centrifuges, extruders, conveyors, mills, mixers, winc,
  • Power Supply :Up to 690 V & Up to 480 V
  • Applicable Range : 0.75-3,000 kW


  • Emotron FDU regulates flow and pressure by continuously adapting motor speed.
  • No energy wasted and no unnecessary equipment wear.
  • A sleep function further reduces energy consumption by pausing the motor when it is not needed to be run.
  • An automatic pump rinsing function increases efficiency.
  • Multiple pump or compressor control is a reliable and cost-efficient method of keeping a constant flow or pressure despite varying demands.
  • Emotron FDU controls up to seven drives.
  • Range: 0.75-3,000 kW & IP20
  • Power Supply: Up to 690 V & Up to 480 V.
  • Applications: Variable / constant torque- Pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, IEC, DNV, UL, CE

Soft Starter:


  • Emotron TSA soft starters incorporate 3-phase control together with sophisticated algorithms for torque control.
  • Conventional soft starters use a pre-defined voltage ramp to control the start. With Emotron TSA, the actual motor torque is continuously calculated and controlled according to the application requirements.
  • Torque control ensures an ultra-smooth start with constant acceleration. The torque control means the starting current is reduced even further by up to 30%.
  • The smooth starts also lead to less mechanical stress, improved process control and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Rating: 7.5 – 1,800 kW
  • Application: Pump, fan, compressor, blower, crusher, mill, mixer & saw applications