21 CFR Compliancs:


  • Gives complete solution of 21 CFR Compliance with following features
  • Password Protection
  • User Login (User creation with different level, User ID)
  • User Management (Add, Edit, Create & Password configuration of user)
  • Data restoration
  • Audit trials
  • Electronic Signature
  • Data Backup
  • Batch Report
  • Alarm report
  • Report Printing
  • Database transfer to server


  • Interoperability: the ability of cyber-physical systems (i.e. work piece carriers, assembly stations and products), humans and Smart Factories to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services
  • Virtualization: a virtual copy of the Smart Factory which is created by linking sensor data (from monitoring physical processes) with virtual plant models and simulation models
  • Decentralization: the ability of cyber-physical systems within Smart Factories to make decisions on their own
  • Real-Time Capability: the capability to collect and analyze data and provide the insights immediately
  • Service Orientation: offering of services (of cyber-physical systems, humans and Smart Factories) via the Internet of Services
  • Modularity: flexible adaptation of Smart Factories for changing requirements of individual modules

Industry 4.0 – Smart Factory:

System Integration:


  • Integration of folliwing controllers with all major Brands
  • Servo Motors,
  • PLC’s
  • HMI’s
  • Temperature Controller,


  • PLC Programming Software, Suitable for all PLC’s of Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, Rockwell.
  • HMI Programming software for Proface, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi.
  • SCADA Configuration.
  • Plan and preparation of flowcharts and algorithms for control philosophy
  • Ladder Logic and HMI Software development
  • Driver development for third party devices.

Software devlopment:

Track and tracebility:


  • Tracking of Automated system, Packaging Lines,
  • Logistics using Bar code reader, Vision System, wireless devices,
  • Lightening equipment with data base connectivity,


  • Street Parking
  • Off Street Parking
  • Underground Parking
  • Vehicle detection and parking
  • Access control
  • Network Layout

Wireless Solution for smart parking

Robotic cell – Entire protection.


  • Provides Complete Robotic protection with :-
  • Machine safety curtains.
  • Safety Relay.
  • Interlock switches,
  • LASER Scanner.
  • Self-Checking Touch Buttons
  • E-Stop Buttons


  • Industrial Lightening for Robotic cell, Machine Premises of Harsh environments,extreme temperatures and wash down areas.
  • For Boost Productivity – Proper light levels increase the speed and accuracy of visual task performance, reducing assembly times and increasing output.
  • Enhance Inspection – White, colored and multicolored options in different form factors allow for control of color, intensity and angle, improving detection of part defects during assembly and inspection.
  • Reduce Costs – Industrial grade construction and electronics provide ultra-long lifetimes, energy savings and fast installation
  • Accelerate Processes – Colored indicators guide operators quickly to the correct part location and accelerate training procedures.
  • Improve Quality – Integrated feedback drives increased operator accuracy and provides quality control metrics.
  • Save Time – Varied hardware solutions and mounting options are easily installed and updated

Indutrial Lightening – for all purpose.

Machine Vision


  • Machine vision for following application
  • Part Identification.
  • Defect Inspection.
  • Measurement.
  • Part Positioning.
  • Color Inspection.
  • Counting.
  • Character Recognition
  • Surface Defect detection.
  • Trend Edge Defect detection


  • We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Pneumatic Panels to our clients at leading prices in the market.
  • Offered products are precisely designed under the able guidance of our professionals, who understand the varied requirements of the customers and are capable of customizing these panels in accordance with their specified requirements.
  • Moreover, we make sure to test the quality of the entire range, before delivering these products to the clients in order to stand efficiently by their expectations.
  • Following are the features of these panels:
  • Superior performance
  • Reliability
  • Durable standards

Pneumatic Control Panels



  • Provides Repairing platform for all type of industrial controllers (PLC’s), HMI, Servo motor, PID, Panel PC, VFD, Stepper Motor