Wireless Monitoring Solution

Industrial Wireless Radios:

  • Easily replace discrete, analog, serial, and ethernet signal wires. With no setup software needed, data radios are easy to apply, use, and support.
  • With wireless I/O, you can create expandable point-to-multi-point wireless networks that distribute I/O over large areas.

Wireless Controllers:

  • Industrial wireless controllers that facilitate industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

Wireless Sensors and Nodes for Condition Monitoring:

  • Wireless sensors and nodes allow you to remotely monitor and diagnose systems quickly, which reduces downtime, increases productivity, and provides data to optimize your operation.
  • Easy to install and set up, eliminate expensive cable runs, and can integrate machines that were not previously network capable.

Wireless Push Buttons and Switches

  • Wireless push buttons and switches enable real-time communication throughout the factory for continuous workflows.

Wireless Indicators and Touch Buttons

  • Wireless LED indicators, touch buttons, and pick-to-light devices provide bright, highly visible status indication and light guidance for a wide variety of applications and industries.
  • Wireless communication enables real-time remote access to machine condition and process data.
  • Data logger available in this device